Laser cutting

Automated CO2 and fibre laser cutting for sheet metal fabrication.

Sheet metal processing starts with the laser cutting process, one of the company's main production areas.

The heart of the laser cutting department is the automated storage system holding the raw material.

The automated storage system's structure has approx. 1,000 trays of various sizes, each capable of holding 3 tonnes. Sheet Metal Cutting and Punching machines are arranged around the system.

Once the data regarding the supplied sheet metal has been entered into the system, the sheet metal itself is placed in the automated storage system, ready to be sorted and used to feed the inline machine.

All cutting systems are served by equipment in an automated process to allow for high production performance and speeds. Each automated movement of the sheet metal, from processing through to unloading of the processed part, is recorded in the warehouse database.

The objective is to have constant real-time stock monitoring so that each item of raw material is accounted for in the system.

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