Automated in-house system with powder coating and computerized process data management.

The whole industrial Automated Powder Coating stage is managed and carried out in-house by specialist Tecnolaser operators who closely monitor each step to ensure a final result in line with the design specifications.

Before the coating stage can begin, there is a strict cleaning procedure, which consists in:

  • a phosphate degreasing stage;
  • two rinses with mains water;
  • a wash with demineralized water;
  • a soft-rain passivation stage with a nanotechnology product that increases the corrosion resistance of the parts treated.

The coating stage takes place inside 3 GEMA booths fitted with 8 automatic electrostatic guns served by two reciprocators with motor-driven horizontal carriage.

Coated parts are then introduced into the oven cabins for the polymerization stage: constant temperature, monitored with computerized data management, ensures coating powders adhere correctly to the metal surfaces.

The "resistance/service life" of coated products is tested in a salt mist corrosion test chamber.

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