Assembly and testing

In-house assembly service, for a finished product, complete with assemblies, wiring and pneumatic systems.

The job of assembling components - to produce the various levels of a finished product - is carried out by a specialist team working based on the kanban request system.

The kanban management method allows us to keep constant control over the assembly stages, working on a pull basis. The aim of this stage is to receive only the items actually needed at the exact time they are required, via a demand/order action initiated by the operator.

The in-house assembly service means we have control of all parts to be assembled: this means that any part found to be nonconforming can be quickly swapped out, significantly reducing both product rejects and critical issue handling times.

The assembly stage is followed by testing, which involves checking and collecting output data.

Tests are conducted to expose any critical issues and ensure a reduction in the number of nonconforming products, with an increase in standards of quality.

Direct collaboration between Tecnolaser and the customer and, where required, a turnkey service, are a benefit in terms of time and cost savings, adhering to the agreed deadlines and prices, thus eliminating those activities and costs associated with such operations that are hard to budget for.

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