Plant List

The introduction of an extensive plant list of cutting-edge machinery into our production area reflects our decision to pursue continuous innovation: this equipment not only allows for more accurate and effective sheet metal processing, it also means less waste of resources and materials.

By effectively integrating machine automation with the impressive experience and specialist expertise of our personnel, we ensure excellent production continuity and offer the best Production and Prototyping solution based on job size (small, medium and large runs).

The three stages of the Production process carried out in-house can be split into:

  • co-design;
  • industrialization;
  • fabrication with the aid of manufacturing machinery.

Our plant list comprises more than 50 machines, each designed to perform specific sheet metal processes and treatments, some of which are listed below:

  • 6 laser cutting systems
  • 2 punching machines
  • 2 combination laser cutting and punching systems
  • 2shears
  • 11 press brakes, 3 of which feature automatic bending control
  • 3 rolling machines, one of which is a numerical control model
  • 5 presses
  • 2 panel benders
  • 1 edge trimming machine
  • 1 straightener
  • 1 deburring machine
  • 1 sandblaster
  • 3 insertion presses
  • 2 robotic spot welding systems
  • 3 TIG welding stations
  • 7 MIG welding stations
  • 2 robotic welding systems
  • 1 saw
  • 1 tumble finisher
  • 1 stud welder
  • liquid coating system
  • powder coating system

Laser Cutting, Punching and Combination machines are arranged around an automated central storage system that uses a robot to pick the raw material to be distributed for processing, according to a work plan programmed by the Technical Department.

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