1st September 1986

Tecnolaser enters the fabrication business. The first production department is housed in the Officine Facco facility, where the company would have its main site until 2001. Tecnolaser starts out with a team of 35 and operates out of a 6,500 sq. metre site.


The in-house team grows from 35 to 49. A new software development division is set up with a view to introducing innovative functionalities in order to improve production performance, something achieved, for example, with the programming of numerical control machines.


The company boosts its in-house fabrication capabilities and adds the following stages to its production processes: welding, treatments and assembly, in line with the shared idea of offering the customer a one-stop service. A new 1,500 sq. metre area is purchased, used for welding and assembly work. One year on and the company introduces the "pro-engineer" three-dimensional design system.


The company's Quality System is ISO 9002 certified.


Production activities increase in volume, calling for restructuring on a logistical level. To meet the growing need for new production spaces, two buildings are built (one with a floor plan of 1,000 sq. metres, the other with 4,000 sq. metres of space over two floors) to accommodate welding, assembly and liquid coating operations.

In 2001, the company relocates to new premises, a 10,000 sq. metre building conceived for innovation, even allowing for unmanned operation with the use of a modern automated storage system. The entire production flow is overhauled with the aim of optimizing production processes.


Work starts on a new building to house welding and assembly operations. In-house coating gives Tecnolaser the competitive edge, allowing the company to stand out in the market with a reputation for strict adherence to deadlines and job specifications established at the design stage.


Lean manufacturing principles - as expressed in the TPS (Toyota Production System), which has long inspired Tecnolaser - take tangible form following the move to the new premises. One of the most noteworthy early results achieved, which have positive fallout for customers, is a significant reduction in waste in terms of cost, handling and rejects.


Tecnolaser is engaged in the constant pursuit of innovation and the best Production and Logistics solutions.

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