About Us

About Us

We have been "shaping" Sheet Metal for 30 years, to make products that meet our customers' demands.

Since 1986, we have endeavoured to seize every new opportunity technology has offered in order to work with our customers on building a solid partnership that will only grow with time, providing them with Reliable, Quality services.

Our company premises currently sit on a 41,800 sq. metre site offering 30,650 sq. metres of floor space.

Here at Tecnolaser, we process Sheet metal, producing parts ranging from the simple to the complex, providing a one-stop service that includes bending, pressing, piercing, coating, assembly and testing all carried out in-house.

Our production department is organized so as to optimize time and resource management.

Raw materials are sorted and stored in a central automated storage system with an approx. 1,000 tray capacity, capable of holding and sorting over 2,500 tonnes of Sheet Metal in various thicknesses and sizes with the purpose of feeding the "adjacent" Laser Cutting, Punching and Combination machines.

We have chosen to take an Environmentally Sustainable approach to Production and, in line with this green philosophy, we have had a photovoltaic system in operation since December 2010, capable of producing Energy to meet our own requirements, thus greatly reducing our environmental impact.

In July 2013, the current Minister for Economic Development, Flavio Zanonato, visited Tecnolaser, recognizing our company as a symbol of Technological Innovation, Productivity and Competitiveness.




Our Production process can consist in either a flexible or structured flow of activities, depending on the customer's needs, and aims to develop an ever-stronger bond of close mutual collaboration.

The structured flow involves a series of work stages defined and organized based on a tried-and-tested operating model.

The flexible flow means it can adapt to suit individual customer requirements.

Competence, Reliability and Professional Ethics are three cornerstones on which we have built our business in an environment where workplace safety is paramount.

Fast processing, quick response and short lead times are ensured through effective job and production process management.

With our impressive warehousing capacity, we can implement flexible manufacturing and store even very large amounts of goods.

We tackle future challenges with a positive attitude, focusing on the research and development of innovative cutting-edge sheet metal processing solutions.

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